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WyoLotto, Alf’s Pub, Horseshoe Bar & Grill challenge Wyoming to give to seniors in need

November 23, 2021

Wyomingites continue to be affected in many ways by the pandemic, but most especially affected are Wyoming’s seniors. In a state that is very spread out, seniors are limited in going places and having visitors. 


Cowboy Draw® player wins $794,109—said he ‘knew’ it

November 10, 2021

Who would have thought that just by saying you will win the lottery, that you actually will? Well, Sergio Saenz thought it, and he was right. (more…)

Another big win in Wyoming, Cowboy Draw jackpot hit Nov. 8 in Casper

November 9, 2021

WyoLotto players had another big day on Nov. 8 when the Cowboy Draw jackpot was hit again within a week.


Winners come in threes to the Cowboy State

November 2, 2021

WyoLotto winners come in threes. Yesterday, three lucky people hit three big wins in the Cowboy State. The wins include a Cowboy Draw jackpot and two 2by2 grand prize winners.

Wyoming Lottery Corporation gives back $1.06M, adding up to nearly $25M over 5 years

October 18, 2021

Wyoming Lottery Corporation officials announced another large quarterly transfer back to the state of more than $1 million. 

“Since we began our quarterly transfers, this is the 13th time our transfer has exceeded a million dollars. We are very pleased that we have now given back almost $25 million to Wyoming’s communities, and we only wish it could be more,” said Jon Clontz, Wyoming Lottery Corporation CEO.