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WyoLotto announces KENO coming Sept. 18

Officials of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation (WyoLotto) are proud to announce the addition of a highly anticipated new game to Wyoming on Sept. 18, 2022—KENO.

Preparation for this unique game begins with more businesses across the state becoming WyoLotto retailers which are perfectly poised to feature the new game. KENO is commonly played in social settings, which lends itself to establishments like bars, restaurants and bowling alleys.

KENO also means WyoLotto will be able to give back more to Wyoming through its quarterly transfers, retailer commissions, winnings and community involvement.

Although Sept. 18 is six to seven months away, WyoLotto officials want to communicate the excitement of the rollout and what media, players, retailers and Wyoming residents will see over the coming months:

March – May
Beginning immediately, WyoLotto is recruiting new businesses throughout Wyoming, like bars and restaurants, to feature and sell KENO and other WyoLotto products.

Nine education forums will be hosted for businesses interested in learning about KENO and how to become a WyoLotto retailer. Dates and locations will be announced soon through our website (, mail, radio and newspaper.

June – August
This summer, WyoLotto will begin the process of training and preparing businesses to sell KENO. This will include training forums hosted at central locations throughout the state and one-on-one trainings as needed.

At the same time, WyoLotto CEO, Jon Clontz, will be announcing details about how the game is played through media interviews and other community outreach.

Sept 18th! 
Tickets for WyoLotto KENO go on sale at 5 a.m.!

September – December
Once the KENO game is available to players, WyoLotto will execute statewide marketing and advertising to educate Wyomingites on how and where to play KENO.

For more information, please contact Ashley Pexton, or 307-274-4766.