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Better odds with pool play 

Pooling your tickets increases each player’s chance of winning! Whether organizing friends, family, or coworkers, we’ve got you covered with quick planning tips and tools to keep your lottery pool fun and fair.

Find your people

Start with people you know—send a text, DM your friends, email your family. Coworkers and neighbors can make great teammates, too!

Pick a leader

We recommend choosing one person to purchase game tickets, make and distribute copies, secure the original tickets, and keep the team informed on contracts and winnings.

Sign a contract 

Pool play contracts are a great tool to keep everyone on the same page. List each player’s name along with the amount of their buy-in. Contracts should also confirm how numbers will be picked and whether the team will claim prizes as a lump sum or annuity.

Share the numbers

Copy or photograph pooled tickets before each draw so every pool player has a record. The more eyes on the prize, the better the chance you won’t miss your pay out.

Secure your tickets

Keep any original tickets safe in a secure place until after the drawing. They could be worth millions! 

Claim your prize ($600 or more)

One or more people can claim your winnings! If your pool chooses one person to claim the prize, they will need to sign the ticket, claim the prize, and split the winnings between the group. If your pool chooses for everyone to claim the prize together, all players must sign the ticket and WyoLotto® will split the winnings evenly between the group.

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation is not responsible for any prizes, winnings, or other earnings purchased through our promotion of pool play for which distribution of any prizes, winnings, or other earnings was not made properly or otherwise not in accordance with the agreement of the players.  

Players waive any and all claims against The Wyoming Lottery Corporation in conjunction with the distribution of prizes, winnings, or other earnings to players to which any other player contests or objects.