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Responsible gambling

Helpline: 1.800.522.4700 

The National Problem Gambling Hotline offers 100% confidential support 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Call or text to speak to someone right away.

Wyoming Responsible Gambling Coalition

Our players’ health matters deeply to us 

Lottery games are designed to be a fun, low-cost form of entertainment, but when they stop being fun and start being stressful, it may be time to reach out for support. We’re the only gaming entity in the state that worked with the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) to establish the Wyoming Responsible Gambling Coalition (WRGC). The WRGC provides resources to help practice safe gambling and identify problematic behaviors. 

Recognizing problem gambling

Just as some individuals can become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it’s possible to develop a compulsive urge to gamble. Signs of problem gambling can be subtle and may not be recognizable until the behavior begins to harm the gambler, and possibly their friends and family, financially and/or emotionally.  

If you or a family member have questions about problem gambling, please call the National Problem Gambling Hotline for help. 

Who does it affect? 

Gambling addiction can affect people of any age regardless of gender, financial status, or social circle. While it’s impossible to predict just who might develop a gambling problem, there’s a very high recovery rate for those who seek support and treatment.

Common warning signs

Compulsive gamblers may try to hide their problems which can result in enormous stress on the gambler and their family and friends. Warning signs that gambling is becoming a problem include:  

  • Experiencing a feeling of escape when gambling  
  • Attempting to stop or control gambling behaviors with little or no progress 
  • Losing time from work or family due to gambling 
  • Needing to borrow money to gamble or pay gambling debts 
  • Neglecting oneself or family in order to gamble 
  • Lying about the amount of money spent on gambling 
  • Gambling in an attempt to win back previous gambling losses  
  • Selling or pawning personal possessions to get money to gamble 
  • Feeling hopeless, depressed, or suicidal as a result of gambling 
national council on problem gambling hotline

Help is here 

If you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling problem, help is a phone call or text away. Call or text the National Problem Gambling Hotline at 1.800.522.4700 to connect with support at any time. Attentive, knowledgeable counselors are ready and waiting to provide confidential care and assistance, answer questions, and connect you with local support groups and treatment options. 

Building Wyoming’s network 

As a founding member of the WRGC, we are committed to expanding the network of local professionals trained in problem-gambling counseling. WDH offers supplemental training for counselors interested in developing specific skills to help treat addictive gambling behaviors. Contact us or visit WDH to learn more. 

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