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Wyoming Lottery Corporation Board of Directors Chairman retires

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation (WLC) Board of Directors said “farewell” to Chairman Gerry Marburger, who retired from the Board at the end of June of this year.

Marburger served the board from 2013 to 2021, receiving reappointment after his first four-year term.

“Gerry has been an outstanding leader who brought incredible expertise to the board. We were very fortunate when Gov. Matt Mead appointed him as one of nine board members to lay the foundation and make history launching a lottery in Wyoming,” said Jon Clontz, WLC CEO.

After many years of bills being introduced to the Wyoming State Legislature, House Bill 77 was approved and signed by former Gov. Mead in 2013—creating the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. Marburger was chosen by the governor as a trusted and competent advisor to pave the way.

Marburger was one of nine founding board members appointed by Gov. Mead. He is a retired  CPA (certified public accountant) who ran a successful accounting firm for decades, and is a Wyoming native currently living in Riverton, Wyo.

Marburger’s appointment to the Board was well-deserved because of his incredible business intelligence and integrity that he achieved throughout his career, Clontz added.

Marburger was one of two original board members still serving on the Board. Dave Bonner, of Powell, Wyo., was also appointed by Gov. Mead in 2013 as a founding board member who is still currently serving.

“Gerry was a good thinker,” said Bonner, WLC Board of Directors Treasurer.

“It has been an honor to serve with Gerry on the board since the beginning. His extensive accounting background and thoughtful manner provided guidance and insights that created a fiscally responsible and transparent company,” Bonner added.

The newly elected WLC Board Chairman, Jim Willox, of Douglas, Wyo., shared Bonner’s sentiment and said, “Gerry’s consistent leadership will be missed. However, he is leaving us in a wonderful position with board members who have a deep understanding of the state and the lottery.”

Marburger said the decision was tough, but he is grateful for the experience.

“I will miss everyone. I trust that the current board and staff will continue to fulfill the mission of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. Being appointed to the original lottery board was an exciting opportunity and resulted in a rewarding experience. We were empowered by the Wyoming Lottery Act but were provided no State funding. Governor Mead told our then board chairman, Brian Gamroth, that the lottery board had only one chance to do it right the first time so don’t ‘mess’ it up.

“So, we found a Wyoming bank, Jonah Bank, that was willing to grant an uncollateralized loan and we hired our CEO, Jon Clontz, who is still with us today. The Wyoming Lottery Corporation began a series of successes that today generates millions of dollars for Wyoming’s cities, towns, and counties. We did it right the first time,” Marburger recounted in a statement about his time with the Board.

Clontz added, “We are lucky to have a supportive board that is very active and involved. They are truly dedicated to the state of Wyoming and its citizens. The people of Wyoming can count on this board to diligently represent their best interests, and to provide an accountable and responsive system of governance.”