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On January 4, WyoLottoTM transferred $2,808,707.03 to the State Treasurer’s Office. This is the largest amount ever transferred to the state since the launch of the Wyoming Lottery in 2014, doubling the last quarterly transfer of $1.4 million.

“Eclipsing the $2 million transfer mark is very exciting and amazing news for Wyoming residents,” Jon Clontz, CEO of WyoLotto, said. “On the heels of two Wyomingites winning the $3.3 million Cowboy Draw jackpot and now this record-breaking state transfer, we’re thankful to be able to give back and to enrich the lives of our players,” Clontz concluded.

In addition to this quarterly transfer, this is the fifth consecutive transfer to the state of over $1 million, bringing the total transfer amount to over $13.6 million since April 2016. Since launch, WyoLotto has also seen 3,777,491 winners, over $51 million in player winnings, and nearly $8 million in retailer commissions. These are just a few of the many ways the Wyoming Lottery has made substantial impacts on the state.

You can find out more on how the money is distributed to the counties on the State Treasurer’s website that has links to PDF’s of all of the distributions for each quarterly transfer: