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Total winnings by WyoLotto players surpasses $1 million


The Wyoming Lottery Corporation celebrated a new milestone over the weekend when the total winnings by WyoLotto players surpassed $1 million. That’s right, $1 million won by Wyoming Lottery players which is nearly double the population of the Cowboy State.

So far, 190,908 WyoLotto players have won a total of $1,025,439 since the launch of the lottery in August 2014. The largest amount won so far was $25,000 in the Jan. 20 Mega Millions drawing, followed most recently by $20,000 won in the Jan. 24 Powerball drawing.

“Reaching the $1 million in winnings mark is an important milestone for the Lottery, showing that WyoLotto players are having fun and winning,” said Jon Clontz, CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. “We fully expect the number of winners and size of prizes won will increase with the addition of the Cowboy Draw game on March 15 followed by potentially two more games later in the year.”

The minimum jackpot for the Cowboy Draw game is $250,000. The Cowboy Draw jackpot will grow until it is hit.

To find out if you have won, check your numbers online at, take your ticket to any official WyoLotto retailer or by calling toll free 1-855-995-6886 (855-WY-LOTTO).

Players can also subscribe to receive WyoLotto winning numbers notifications by email. For more information, visit Retailers are authorized to pay up to $599 in prizes. Prizes over $600 must be processed through lottery headquarters in Cheyenne either in person or by mail. See for details. Please remember that the ticket is your property and you need to sign it. Payment of any prize shall be made as directed by the person(s) whose signature(s) appears on the back of the ticket.