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WyoLotto makes second revenue transfer to Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming

July 6, 2016 – The Wyoming Lottery brings fun and excitement to players across the state and throughout the region, and on July 6, WyoLottoTM made a second transfer of revenue to Wyoming.

This revenue transfer, totalling $915,750.88, is emblematic of WyoLotto’s success and continues the Lottery’s commitment to giving back to Wyoming communities that have supported the organization from the start.

The initial revenue transfer was made on April 5, totaling more than $1 million. The transfer amount was larger due to increased sales spurred on by a billion-dollar Powerball jackpot at the beginning of 2016.

Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO said, “We continue to see success because of our players, retailers and other supporters, allowing us to give back revenue to support our communities.”

For years, Wyoming’s lottery players spent money in neighboring states. With the launch of Wyoming Lottery in August 2014, and the introduction of Cowboy DrawTM in March 2015, WyoLotto has successfully kept Wyoming dollars in Wyoming, spent at Wyoming retailers.

With over 1.4 million Wyoming winners and more than $23.6 million won by WyoLotto players, what began as a startup has become an established Wyoming organization.

A revenue transfer will be made to the Wyoming State Treasurer every financial quarter, with the amount dependent on revenue.

Per the state statute, revenue transfers each year will be distributed by the State Treasurer to Wyoming’s 99 cities and towns, and 23 counties. Should revenue transfers exceed $6 million, amounts for that year beyond $6 million will go to the Wyoming Permanent Land Fund’s Common School Account.

WyoLotto is a true Wyoming brand, born and raised in the Cowboy State. The Lottery created Wyoming’s own game, Cowboy Draw, and also offers PowerballⓇ and Mega MillionsⓇ to players at more than 450 retailers throughout Wyoming.

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