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WyoLotto gives over $1.4 million to Wyoming in quarterly transfer, exceeds expectations

Cheyenne, Wyoming

WyoLotto announced its October revenue transfer to Wyoming is higher than expected, amounting to $1,445,900.

In a year with COVID-19 closures, events cancelled, and tourism down, WyoLotto CEO Jon Clontz said the last few months have been about pivoting to provide entertainment while maximizing giving back to Wyoming.
“Because of a talented group of employees and an exceptional board, we listened to what our players wanted and launched some fun, new things recently,” Clontz said.

During August, WyoLotto offered players extra chances to win Powerball by offering a “buy-one-get-one” free promotion. “Players seemed to really love this promotion, and we even had someone win $50,000 on a free ticket,” Clontz added.

In addition to the promotion, WyoLotto launched a new app for players this September. Gerry Marburger, Chairman of the WyoLotto Board of Directors, said, “This app was truly a culmination of everything our players have asked for – short of being able to sell tickets on the app – since that is not allowed in state statute. But, we are very proud of this app, and our players have given us wonderful feedback about it.”

“If you haven’t already, you should download it now!” Clontz said of the app.

“Our ability to operate as a private company and put the players and Wyoming first, has allowed us to give back to the state more than expected when we can only offer draw games and nothing instant, like scratch tickets, due to the current statute. The board is really proud of what we can do with the limitations we have, and still provide entertainment and revenue to Wyoming,” Marburger said.

Each quarter the company, per its mission and statute, transfers net profits to Wyoming, which is then distributed directly to the cities, towns, and counties to use as needed. The company has also provided Wyoming with complete transparency through audits each year.

“We will always look for ways to maximize the transfer and give back as much as we can to Wyoming, so we really watch budgets and listen to our players,” said Clontz.
He added, “One way we can continue to give back at this level is by adding another game for our players! This one will be a daily draw game and lots of fun. We can’t wait to get this out to players next year!”

WyoLotto started transferring profits directly to the state in April of 2016, which brings the running total to $20,812,522.

WyoLotto’s current games are largely jackpot based, with the exception of Lucky For Life®.

Currently WyoLotto offers:

  • Powerball®, a national draw game with a jackpot starting at $20 million, current jackpot is $62 million
  • Mega Millions®, a national draw game with a jackpot starting at $20 million, current jackpot is $60 million
  • Cowboy Draw®, a Wyoming game with a jackpot starting at $250,000, current jackpot is $2,225,000
  • Lucky For Life, a national draw game with a grand prize of $1,000 a day for life