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On October 5, WyoLottoTM transferred $1,407,967 to the State Treasurer’s Office. The State Treasurer distributes the funds to cities, towns, and counties, where they decide how to best use it for local projects that benefit their communities. This is the second highest amount ever transferred to the state since the launch of the Wyoming Lottery in 2014, and the fourth consecutive transfer to the state of over $1 million, bringing the total transfer amount over $10 million since April 2016.

“Breaking the $1 million transfer amount for the fourth consecutive quarter is great news for Wyoming residents,” Jon Clontz, CEO of WyoLotto, said. “We’re grateful to be able to give back, and we owe that in large part to our players. The quarterly transfer is a way we can give back to all Wyoming residents.“ Clontz concluded.

It’s worth repeating that WyoLotto is able to give back because of the support of its players. Look no further than the Cowboy Draw, Wyoming’s own game, which now has a jackpot of over $1.9 million! The highest jackpot in Cowboy Draw history. Someone will win bigger than ever before.

Cowboy Draw is not the only jackpot that is on the rise. Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have climbed to $282 million and $470 million respectively. The next Mega Millions drawing is at 9 p.m. MT on October 9, and Powerball will be drawn at 9 p.m. MT on October 10.

Since the lottery opened its doors, it has paid more than $45,000,000 in winnings to players across all four products the lottery sells.

See how WyoLotto is giving back in its new Giving Back video.