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WyoLotto® Board of Directors elects new leadership 

Cheyenne, Wyoming

WyoLotto officials announced this week the Board of Directors elected new officers, including chairwoman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. The newly elected officers will take their positions effective July 1.

“We are happy to announce that the new chairwoman of the Board will be Gina Monk from Gillette, who has been with the Board since 2017,” said Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO.

“Gina has been an important member of the Board, bringing a true Wyoming perspective, skillful thought leadership, and her experience as Treasurer and Vice Chairwoman of the Board contributes to the sound wisdom and leadership we have throughout our entire Board,” Clontz added.

Gina Monk

The Board of Directors are appointed by the Governor of Wyoming to four-year terms.

“I am very honored to be serving as the Chairwoman for the Board, and I look forward to the future of the lottery and what we can give back to Wyoming,” said Monk, WyoLotto Board of Directors Chairwoman.

In addition to a new chairwoman, the Board elected: 

  • Todd Peterson (Torrington, Wyo.) as vice chairman. Peterson has been with the board since 2019.
  • David Snyder (Laramie, Wyo.) as secretary. Snyder has been with the board since 2021.
  • Gerry Marburger (Riverton, Wyo.) as treasurer. Marburger has been with the board since 2013.

“We are equally excited about all of the new officers. The entire Board of Directors are outstanding and passionate about the lottery and Wyoming, so we look forward to another amazing year with great leaders to guide us,” Clontz said.

The other members of the Board of Directors include:

  • Ed Liebzeit (Jackson, Wyo.), Member
  • Mary Throne (Cheyenne, Wyo.), Member
  • Sandra Wallop (Big Horn, Wyo.), Member
  • Lori Brennan (Cheyenne, Wyo.), Member
  • Jim Willox (Douglas, Wyo.), Member

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