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WyoLotto Announces Cowboy Draw Jackpot Winner Found

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018 a brother and sister from Casper walked into the WyoLottoTM offices with the winning $3,300,841 Cowboy Draw ticket. They purchased the winning ticket at Ridley’s Family Market in Casper on December 5 for the December 6 drawing. The $3.3M jackpot winnings will certainly change their lives.

The winners were born and raised in Casper and continue to call it home. They are frequent WyoLotto players, mainly buying Cowboy Draw tickets, noting that the reason they buy Cowboy Draw is because the odds are better. In addition to Cowboy Draw, they play Mega Millions and Powerball when the jackpots are high.
When they found out that they had the winning ticket, they were both in shock and put the ticket in a fireproof safe for safe keeping. They are both retired and plan to travel with their winnings, but they don’t have any big plans in the near future to spend the money. They said it came at a great time and they feel so blessed to have won. To try and capitalize on the odds, they’ve already bought their tickets for the next draw.
WyoLotto CEO, Jon Clontz said that he is very excited for the winners. “Cowboy Draw is such a great game, and it’s because of our loyal players and retailers that Wyoming has seen such success for its own game. Due to the support from our players, the jackpot hit a record high and generated a lot of excitement. We’re so glad to celebrate the excitement with our Wyoming winners,” Clontz said.
The Cowboy Draw jackpot amount had been rising since the last jackpot win on May 3, 2018, and steadily grew to become the largest jackpot in the game’s history. Since Cowboy Draw launched in March 2015, Wyoming’s own game has celebrated twenty jackpot wins with six of those exceeding a million dollars, none as big as this jackpot.
There will be a retail party celebrating the sale of the jackpot ticket at Ridley’s Family Market, located at 300 Wyoming Blvd., in Casper on Wednesday, December 19, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. WyoLotto invites everyone to join and celebrate the largest jackpot win in Cowboy Draw history.
Cowboy Draw winners have been notching wins across the state, winning over $28 million in total winnings since the game launched.