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WyoLotto announces Cheyenne Cowboy Draw winner found

Cheyenne, Wyoming

October 30, 2017 – On Thursday, Oct. 26., a lucky Cowboy Draw player discovered she was WyoLotto’sTM newest jackpot winner. Katrina Vosler, a Cheyenne native, bought her winning ticket at 12:35 on Thursday, less than an hour and a half before the 2 p.m. draw. Little did she know how important her timing was on that day.

WyoLotto officials announced Monday morning, Oct. 30, that the $964,486 jackpot was won by Vosler, who purchased the ticket at the Four Winds in Cheyenne.

J.J. Moran, owner of the Four Winds, said that two players purchased Cowboy Draw tickets right before and after Vosler. “We sold a ticket at 12:34, then Katrina bought her ticket at 12:35 and we sold a third ticket at 12:36. Her timing couldn’t have been better,” Moran said.

Moran and Vosler have known each other for several years through her business, Some Like it Clean. “When J.J. called me, I didn’t believe him, and once I learned how much I had won, I of course started crying,” Vosler said.

Initially, Vosler said she checked her ticket online and thought she had won the starting jackpot amount of $250,000, but when she got to the Four Winds to verify her ticket she learned it was $964,486. “That was a game changer…That amount will change your life,” Vosler said.

Vosler said she plans to save her winnings and use a little bit of the money for her house, a family vacation and retirement. She also said she wants to be able to send her dad on a special trip.
The jackpot amount had been rising since the last jackpot win on June 19, 2017, and steadily grew to become the fifth largest jackpot in the game’s history. Since Cowboy Draw launched in March 2015, Wyoming’s own game has celebrated seventeen jackpot wins with four of those exceeding a million dollars.

WyoLotto CEO Jon Clontz said that he is very excited for the winner and appreciates the excitement the retailer shared. “Cowboy Draw is such a great game, and it is because of our loyal players and retailers that Wyoming has seen such success for its own game. Having J.J. join us and celebrate with the winner is what this is all about—sharing great moments together,” Clontz said.

Draw winners have been notching wins across the state, bringing home $19,587,542 in total winnings since the game launched.