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Mr. Lucky

Buffalo | $150,000

$150,000 Powerball Winner

October 10, 2022

Did you know you can win BIG and remain anonymous in Wyoming?

Well Mr. Lucky who won $150,000 with Powerball came by our office to pick up his BIG check. He was traveling with his family when his kids got hungry so they made a stop in Buffalo for dinner and gas and decided since the Powerball jackpot was so big it was worth grabbing a few tickets and of course adding on that PowerPlay! When he made the purchase he promised his two children that if he did win- he'd pay them each $500, which of course caused them both to check the numbers as soon as they could the next day. When they all realized that he had won big the only thing he could say was... "HOLY COW!"

He plans to purchase a car he's been saving for, pay for braces for the kids...and of course make good on that promise of $500 each!

Congrats Mr. Lucky, family and the Cenex Zip Trip for selling the ticket!