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Powerball® player wins $50K on free play

A WyoLotto player will have a little extra fun this summer with a $50,000 win from a free Powerball play he picked up on Saturday, Aug. 22. The player collected his winnings Aug. 27 at WyoLotto headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyo.

During the month of August, WyoLotto ran a buy-one-get-one free special for Powerball plays every Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. at all WyoLotto retailers.

The winner said he was “pumped” when he found out, which never happens to him. The extra cash will allow this WyoLotto fan to spend a little more time on his boat and finish the summer with a bang.

By purchasing Powerball tickets during the “Powerball Saturdays Extravaganza Fun Time Explosion,” this lucky player received an explosive win from one of his free plays. He picked up his tickets at the Maverik in Mountain View, Wyo., stating he just had a feeling he needed to pop in and pick up some tickets. Following his gut ended up giving him a big reward.

“We ran a special hoping to give something extra to our players, and this win is an example of exactly what we were hoping for. With these extra plays comes some extra winnings!” said Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO.

Saturday, Aug. 29, will be the final opportunity for players to get free Powerball plays. The Powerball tickets must be purchased at a WyoLotto retailer. A full list and locations can be found here.
During the month of August, more than 16,000 WyoLotto Powerball players have won a total of $193,510.

“We hope players find this to be some extra unexpected fun,” Clontz said of the promotion.