WyoLotto Pool Play Tips

  1. Choose a leader for your Pool Play group.
  2. Distribute an accounting of all money collected and all tickets purchased for each jackpot drawing before the drawing.
  3. Make and distribute copies or photos of the front and back of all tickets purchased for your lottery pool for each jackpot drawing.
  4. Check the ticket numbers after the drawing to determine if your lottery pool won.
  5. Create rules for your lottery group and require every player to agree to them in writing.
  6. Create a contract for the pool to ensure that everyone agrees to the rules and all winnings are properly split. Require that every member of the group sign the contract prior to collecting their funds and adding them to your group.
  7. Only participate in a lottery group with people you know and trust.
  8. If you are considering an office lottery pool, check with your human resources department to make sure that organizing a lottery pool doesn’t violate a company no-gambling policy.
  9. Print a copy of the Pool Play sign-up sheet and post it in your workplace.
  10. Have all group members sign the sign-up sheet indicating their level of investment for each jackpot drawing. This sheet will serve as a record of who is participating in each drawing.
  11. Consider re-investing the funds from small wins for future jackpot drawings. Make sure to record these funds and let the group what’s being done with them.
  12. Keep the original tickets in a safe place.

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Source: Forbes.com