Start a Lottery Pool

Increase your chances of winning.

Start or join a lottery pool at work or with your friends. By pooling your ticket purchases, you’ll increase every pool member’s overall odds of winning. Assemble your squad and just maybe, you’ll catch the elusive jackpotalope.

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Make your lottery pool fun and fair

Tips and resources for successful pool play.


1. Pick a leader.

Pick a leader who will be in charge of the lottery pool and who will buy the tickets, make copies, keep track of winnings, etc. Your Jackpot guide will lead the team in the hunt for the jackpotalope with care.


2. Create a contract.

Create a contract that spells out who’s playing, how often, how much they are contributing, whether the pool will take the lump-sum or an annuity, whether you will let the computer choose the numbers or not, etc. Have all participants sign it.


3. Publicize it.

Recruit a team of jackspotters who want to join your lottery pool. Post a list of all participants so there’s no uncertainty about who’s involved and who isn’t.


4. Copy or photograph tickets.

Make copies or photograph the tickets before each drawing and distribute them to each participant. Winnings can be big or small, the more eyes checking numbers ensures you won’t miss any payouts.


5. Keep the tickets secure.

Keep the original tickets in a safe place and don’t lose them. They could be worth millions.

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Jackpotalope 101

Research and tips from the field


The Jackpotalope

The jackpotalope is a wily and elusive creature. It’s habits are strange and known to only a few. But those armed with patience, stealth, an abundance of optimism and the right equipment can increase their chances of getting their hands on one.


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