07/26/2021 Winning Numbers

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$1,000 everyday for life

Next drawing Tonight at 8:38pm.


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Previous Draw Numbers
07/26/20218 26 39 42 46 7
07/25/20216 12 27 43 46 15
07/24/202112 13 26 33 42 9
07/23/20215 15 17 24 29 14
07/22/202120 28 29 33 34 4
07/21/20215 30 36 42 44 5
07/20/20216 8 16 31 46 13
07/19/202111 38 42 46 48 1
07/15/20215 10 14 15 19 8
07/12/202111 12 22 24 46 13

Lucky for Life® – Get in on the fun

Lucky for Life® is played much like Powerball® and Mega Millions®. The only significant difference is that Lucky for Life is a static jackpot game, which means the prize remains the same. To play, a player must select 5 white balls numbered from 1-48 on the first board.

The “Lucky Ball” is then chosen from numbers 1-18 on the second board. These choices make up one play, which will cost the player $2. A player may choose their “lucky” numbers or choose the Quick Pick® option.

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1: Find a Retailer

2: Pick Your Numbers


Just ask the clerk for a Lucky for Life Quick Pick. Or, mark the QP box on your playslip and the ticket terminal will generate random numbers for you.
You can purchase up to five plays on a single playslip. Mark your numbers with a pencil or blue or black ink. If you make a mistake, mark the VOID box. DO NOT ERASE.



Save time and have even more fun. Play the same numbers for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 20 consecutive drawings by marking the Multidraw box or telling the clerk how many draws you want.

3: Buy

Lucky for Life tickets cost $2 for a set of 6 numbers. Hand your completed playslip to the clerk or simply tell them how many plays you want.

Remember, your ticket is your receipt. It will show your numbers for each play, the date of the drawing, and the dollar amount you paid. Be sure to confirm the accuracy of your number picks.


4: Sign Your Ticket

Your ticket is your property. Protect it by signing your name on the back. If your ticket is lost or stolen, the only way to prove ownership is through your name, address, and signature.

5: Check Your Numbers

Drawings for Lucky for Life take place every day at approximately 8:38 p.m. MT. Ticket sales close at 7:30 p.m. MT the evening of the drawing. You can check winning numbers by calling 855-995-6886.

To see if you’ve won:

  • Take your ticket to a WyoLotto® retailer*
  • Download the WyoLotto app and use the ticket scanner feature
  • Visit wyolotto.com
  • Check your local newspaper or TV station to see if winning numbers are posted
  • Call 855-995-6886

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*The Lottery terminal at retailers is the only official source of verified winning ticket numbers. The Lottery is not responsible for inaccurate listings in newspapers, online, or any other source.

6: Claim Your Prize


  • Did you win? Visit our If You Won page to get all the information about how to claim your prize. Players must redeem their tickets within 180 days from the draw date.
  • If you’re a winner, you can claim prizes up to $599 at any WyoLotto retailer or the Wyoming Lottery office. Prizes $600 and over and jackpots must be claimed at the Wyoming Lottery headquarters: 1620 Central Avenue, Suite 100, Cheyenne, WY 82001.
  • Or you can fill out the claim form found here and mail your completed form to Lottery headquarters. If coming in person, be sure to follow the instructions on the claim form found at wyolotto.com.
  • Call 855-995-6886 (WY-LOTTO) for more information.

It’s Fun! It’s Easy! Ten Ways to Win!

For just $2 per ticket, Lucky for Life gives WyoLotto players the chance of a lifetime to win $1,000 every day for life. What would you do if each day meant another prize and another chance to make your dreams come true?

Could you be Lucky for Life? Just maybe. Play today and find out!


Lucky for Life® Prizes and Odds | Lucky for Life® Game Rules | Lucky for Life® Game FAQs

The lottery is a form of entertainment. Play responsibly. Lucky for Life is governed by state law and the rules, regulations and directives of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. Ticket purchasers must be at least 18 years of age.The Wyoming Lottery Corporation shall not be responsible for lost or stolen Lucky for Life tickets.