Cowboy Draw Game Rules

These rules establish the requirements for playing Cowboy Draw®, a five of forty-five lotto game operated by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. The following definitions apply:


The following definitions apply unless the context requires a different meaning.

  1. “Cancellation” means the termination of a ticket.
  2. “Draw Break” means the selling terminal is temporarily unable to sell tickets for that day’s particular game to allow for game balancing.
  3. “Draw game terminal” or “Terminal” means the computer hardware by which retailers and the Wyoming Lottery can sell and validate lottery products. The terminal also can produce retailer reports and perform diagnostics.
  4. “Exchange ticket” means a computer generated, printed paper issued by a terminal to replace a game ticket that had been purchased for play in consecutive Cowboy Draw games and was validated as a winning ticket before the last drawing on the game ticket. An exchange ticket shall contain the exact game play and remaining future drawing date(s) appearing on the validated game ticket it is replacing and shall have all other characteristics of a game ticket except as otherwise stated in these rules. An exchange ticket shall not contain a ticket price.
  5. “Game Board or Boards” means the area of the play slip which contains two panels (marked A and AA, B and BB, etc.) each containing forty-five sets of numbered squares numbers one (1) through forty-five (45) to be marked by the player.
  6. “Game Ticket or Ticket” means a ticket produced by a terminal which contains the caption Cowboy Draw, one or more lettered game plays followed by the drawing date, the price of the ticket, a six digit retailer number and a serial number that is compatible with the Lottery’s central computer system.
  7. “Lottery” means Wyoming Lottery Corporation (WLC).
  8. “Lotto” means a lottery game wherein a player selects a group of numbers out of a larger predetermined set of numbers.
  9. “Panel” means that area of the play slip which contains one set of numbered squares from one (1) to forty-five (45) to be marked by the player. The player will need to fill out both panels for each play (marked A and AA, B and BB, etc.).
  10. “Play” or “Game Play” means the two sets of five (5) different numbers from one (1) through forty-five (45) which appear on a ticket and are to be played by a player in a game.
  11. “Play Slip” means a card used in marking a player’s game plays. For this purpose, each play slip has ten game panels (5 game boards). Each panel is lettered with either one letter from A through E, or double letters from AA through EE and, when used to purchase a game play, corresponds to the numbers selected and printed on the ticket. An even number of panels, i.e., two, four, six, eight or ten must be selected on each slip.
  12. “Quick Pick” means the random selection by a terminal of two sets of five (5) different numbers from one (1) through forty-five (45). These plays will appear on a single ticket.
  13. “Random Number Generator” means a computer-driven electronic device capable of producing numbers at random.
  14. “Retailer” means a person or entity authorized by the Lottery to sell lottery tickets.
  15. “Set Prize” means all prizes that are advertised to be paid by a single lump sum payment.
  16. “Winning Numbers” means the five (5) numbers between one (1) and forty-five (45) that will be randomly selected at a predetermined secure location. The numbers selected shall be used to determine winning plays contained on a game ticket.


  1. General Information: Cowboy Draw is a five out of forty-five (45) lottery game drawn every Monday and Thursday, which pays the Jackpot Prize, in accordance with these rules. All prizes are paid as a single lump sum payment.
  2. Selection of Numbers: To play the Cowboy Draw game, a player shall select two different sets of five different numbers, from one (1) through forty-five (45).
  3. Purchase of Tickets: Game plays shall consist of two plays for $5. A minimum cost per ticket is $5. A player may choose up to ten selections on one ticket for $25.a. The player may select a set of five (5) numbers by marking the numbered squares in two corresponding game panels on a play slip and submitting the game slip to the retailer, or
    b. By requesting “Quick Pick” from the retailer.
    c. The retailer will then issue a ticket, via the terminal, containing the selected set or sets of numbers, each of which constitutes a game play.
    d. A player may purchase tickets for future consecutive drawings up to the maximum permitted by the Lottery.
    e. The maximum purchase amount allowed for a transaction cannot exceed one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125 USD).
    f. The maximum amount for advance plays per transaction is 20.
  4. Player Responsibility: It is the sole responsibility of the player to verify the accuracy of the game play or plays and other data printed on the ticket. The utilization of the playslip is done at the player’s own risk through the Lottery retailer, who when entering the play or plays is acting on behalf of the player.
  5. Determination of Winning Numbers: The winning numbers for the Cowboy Draw game shall be determined at a drawing conducted on every Monday and Thursday beginning March 23, 2015. Winning numbers shall be selected at random with the aid of a random number generator. The Lottery Chief Executive Officer shall designate a Draw Coordinator responsible for drawing outcomes.
  6. Ticket Cancellation: A ticket may be voided or canceled by returning the ticket to the retailer that sold the ticket and only on the same day of purchase. If the ticket was purchased on a draw day (i.e., Monday or Thursday), the ticket must be presented to the retailer prior to the draw break. A cancelled ticket also cancels any future draws included in the ticket purchase.


  1.  Cowboy Draw drawings shall normally take place every Monday and Thursday at approximately 2:00 PM MST or at any other times as determined by the Chief Executive
  2. The objective of a drawing shall be to randomly select five (5) winning numbers between one (1) and forty-five (45). Drawings will be conducted by a random number generator or other such devices as the CEO may determine.


  1. General: A ticket, subject to the validation requirements, is the only proof of a game play or plays and the submission of a winning ticket to the Lottery or an authorized retailer as required by these rules is the sole method of claiming a prize or prizes. A play slip or a copy of a ticket has no monetary or prize value and does not constitute evidence of a ticket purchase or of numbers selected. A terminal produced paper receipt has no monetary or prize value and does not constitute evidence of a ticket purchase or of numbers selected.
  2. Prize Pool: Approximately 68% of all gross sales revenues (net of cancellations) shall be reserved for prizes and shall be allocated to the prize categories as set forth below.
  3. Expected Prize Payout Percentages: The Jackpot Prize shall be determined on a pari-mutuel basis. All prizes awarded shall be paid as set lump sum prizes with the following expected prize payout percentages:
Number of Matches per Game Play Set Prize Amount Prize Pool Percentage Allocated to Prize
Match 5 Jackpot Prize Pari-mutuel 59.08%
Match 4 $1,000 9.63%
Match 3 $20 7.51%
Match 2 $5 23.78%

a. Division of Jackpot Prizes: The prize money allocated to the Jackpot Prize category shall be divided equally by the number of game plays winning the Jackpot Prize.

b. Set Prizes: The prize pool percentage allocated to the set prizes shall be carried forward to subsequent draws if all or a portion of it is not needed to pay the set prizes awarded in the current draw.

c. The Lottery terminal is the only official source for winning numbers.

d. Jackpot Signs: Lottery prize amounts that are displayed on digital signage including, outdoor boards, in-store digital signs, etc. are not the official jackpot amounts. The official jackpot amounts are only those provided by Lottery’s gaming system and can be accessed only through a lottery terminal.

e. Pari-Mutuel Prize Determinations:

(A) The jackpot prize is a pari-mutuel prize. If there is one winner, then the one winner claims the entire jackpot. If there is more than one winner, the jackpot prize is pari-mutuel.

(B) If the total of the set prizes awarded in a drawing exceeds the percentage of the prize pool allocated to the set prizes, then the set prizes will become pari-mutuel.

(C) In that instance, the money available from the funding sources listed in this rule shall be divided among the winning plays in proportion to their respective prize percentages.


  1. General: The following table sets forth the probability of winning and the probable distribution of winners in and among each prize category, based upon the total number of possible combinations in Cowboy Draw:
Number of Matches per Game Play Probability Winners Distribution Probability Probable/Set Prize Amount
Match 5 1 1:610,879.75 Jackpot Prize
Match 4 200 1:3,054.65 $1,000
Match 3 7,800 1:78.57 $20
Match 2 98,800 1:6.44 $5
Overall 106,801 1:5.98


  1. Selection of Payment Type: Jackpot prizes shall be paid by a single lump sum payment.
  2. Share of the Jackpot Prize: Shares of the Jackpot Prize shall be determined by dividing the amount available in the Jackpot Prize pool equally among all winners of the Jackpot Prize.
    a. Roll Over of Jackpot Prize: If the Jackpot Prize is not won in a drawing, the prize money allocated for the Jackpot Prize shall roll over and be added to the Jackpot Prize pool for the following drawing.
  3. One Prize per Board: The owner of a winning ticket may win only the prize won by those numbers in the highest matching prize category. Every ticket has two chances to win.
  4. Claim Expires in 180 Days: Claims for all prize categories, including the Jackpot Prize, must be submitted within one hundred eighty (180) days after the date of the drawing in which the prize was won. If a valid claim is not made for a cash prize within the applicable period, the cash prize shall constitute an unclaimed prize.


  1. Validation Requirements: To be a valid ticket and eligible to receive a prize, a Cowboy Draw ticket shall satisfy all the requirements established by the Lottery for validation of winning tickets sold through its central computer system. When a winning ticket is submitted to the Lottery for validation along with the Lottery’s completed claim form, and the Lottery has initiated the validation procedures, the Lottery retains possession of the winning ticket and claim form.
  2. Cowboy Draw Ticket Required: Under no circumstances will a claim be paid for either the Jackpot Prize or a lower tier set prize without an official Cowboy Draw ticket matching all game play, serial number and other validation data residing in Lottery’s gaming system computer and such ticket shall be the only valid proof of the wager placed and the only valid receipt for claiming or redeeming such prize.
  3. Additional Validation Requirements: In addition to the validation requirements set forth in section (1) of this rule, in order to be deemed a valid, a winning Cowboy Draw ticket must meet all of the following conditions:

a. The validation data must be present in its entirety and must correspond, using the computer validation file to the number selections printed on the ticket for the drawing date(s);

b. The ticket must be intact;

c. The ticket must not be mutilated, altered, reconstituted, or tampered with in any manner;

d. The ticket must not be counterfeit or an exact duplicate of another winning ticket;

e. The ticket must have been issued by a Lottery retailer authorized to sell Cowboy Draw tickets on official paper stock of the Lottery;

f. The ticket must not have been stolen, to the knowledge of the Lottery;

g. The ticket must be submitted for payment in accordance with these rules;

h. The ticket data must have been recorded on the Lottery’s central computer system prior to the drawing and the ticket data must match this computer record in every respect. In the event of a contradiction between information as printed on the ticket and as accepted by the Lottery’s central computer, the wager accepted by the Lottery’s central computer shall be the valid wager;

i. The player numbers selection or computer number selections, validation data and the drawing date(s) of an apparent winning ticket must appear on the official file of winning tickets, and a ticket with that exact data must not have been previously paid;

j. The ticket must not be mis-registered, defectively printed, or printed or produced in error to an extent that it cannot be validated by the Lottery;

k. In submitting a Cowboy Draw ticket for validation, the claimant agrees to abide by applicable laws, all rules and regulations, instructions, conditions, and final decisions of the Chief Executive Officer of the Wyoming Lottery;

l. There must not be any other breach of these Cowboy Draw Rules in relation to the ticket, which, in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer of the Wyoming Lottery justifies invalidation;

m. In accordance with Wyoming Statutes and the Wyoming Lottery Corporation rules and policies, the player presenting the winning ticket must be eligible to win a lottery prize; and,

n. The ticket must be submitted to a Wyoming Lottery retailer or Wyoming Lottery Corporate office for validation.


  1. General: Until such time as a signature is placed in the area designated for signature, a ticket is owned by the bearer of the ticket. The Wyoming Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.


  1. General: A Cowboy Draw game ticket may not be purchased by and a prize may not be paid to, a member of the Wyoming Lottery Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, or any employee of the Lottery, or to any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent of such person living in the same household.
  2. Local Lottery Restrictions: Those persons designated by Wyoming Statute and the Wyoming Lottery Corporation as ineligible to play its games, shall also be ineligible to play Cowboy Draw.


  1. General: In purchasing a ticket, the purchaser agrees to comply with and abide by all applicable laws, rules, regulations, procedures, and decisions of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.