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New coalition in Wyoming to address responsible gambling

Gambling is fun, but can be addictive. So, the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) and a team of key stakeholders organized a coalition to promote safe gambling in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Responsible Gambling Coalition (WRGC) exists to foster smart gambling in Wyoming through statewide collaboration and creativity. The coalition is actively pursuing projects that encourage responsible gaming and help limit the addictive behaviors commonly associated with gambling to break the dependency cycle.

A survey conducted in 2016 through Mozak on behalf of the coalition revealed approximately 1.5 percent of Wyoming residents believe they might have a gambling addiction. The survey also indicated that awareness of signs and symptoms of gambling disorder is not well understood.

The WRGC campaign is aimed at increasing awareness in Wyoming about responsible gambling. “We want to help ensure everyone who gambles understands the risks and how to maintain a healthy balance. We want to educate about having fun and playing smart,” said Robin Reining, Wyoming Lottery Corp COO.

The WRGC will continue to research gambling issues in Wyoming while educating residents and developing helpful resources. Healthcare providers interested in becoming certified in treating individuals with gambling disorder can contact the coalition and complete the certification. The fees are covered by the WRGC.

Funding for the WRGC comes from Wyoming Lottery unclaimed prizes. Per Wyoming Statute the Wyoming Lottery Corporation provides up to $200,000 a year to problem gambling in consultation with the Wyoming Department of Health.

Members of the coalition include:

  • Wyoming Department of Health
  • Wyoming Lottery Corporation
  • Wyoming Governor’s Office
  • Fremont Counseling Service
  • Wyoming Department of Corrections
  • Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission

To learn more about gambling responsibly, visit