Giving back to Wyoming,
one ticket at a time

WyoLotto launched in August 2014. Beginning with our first ticket sale, we’ve aspired to bring fun and excitement to players across the state and region. With over three million Wyoming winners who’ve won more than $65 million, that aspiration has become a reality.

Every ticket boosts Wyoming.

WyoLotto began with no taxpayer funding and a start-up loan from Jonah Bank—a Wyoming business. Your enthusiasm for playing and the dedication of our retailers helped us pay off that loan early, creating a new revenue stream for Wyoming. The first check to the state was for over $1 million.

When you play, Wyoming’s cities, towns and counties win.

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to give back to Wyoming’s communities and help enhance our state’s amazing quality of life. Every financial quarter, we transfer revenue to the state treasurer who disperses it to towns and counties where they decide how to best use it for local projects that benefit their residents.


Keeping Wyoming’s money in Wyoming

WyoLotto backs a variety of Wyoming businesses and organizations.

We’ve paid retailers over a million dollars a year in ticket sale commissions.

We’ve boosted local media by over half a million a year through advertising.

We’ve sponsored the Pokes and things like the State Fair.

Winning Partnerships

Thanks to the support of our legislators, players, key stakeholders, and retailers, we’re helping to build a brighter future for the places we call home.