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Lottery winners pop up across Wyoming with new game 2by2Ⓡ

WyoLotto officials announced the new game 2by2 is creating lots of winners already. In less than a month, three winners have hit the grand prize of $22,000. So far, WyoLotto has only heard from the very first winner, who won in Sheridan, Wyo., on March 21. 

WyoLotto officials remind players to check their tickets. On Monday, April 12, a lucky player hit the grand prize on a ticket purchased at the Maverik in Green River, Wyo. The ticket was purchased on April 11.

The other grand prize ticket was hit the next day on April 13. The ticket was also purchased at a Maverik, on Tuesday April 13, but this time in Jackson, Wyo.

Although WyoLotto awaits the two recent winners, Wyoming’s first 2by2 grand prize winner has already made her way to WyoLotto headquarters in Cheyenne to collect her winnings.

Kasey Kaercher of Sheridan, Wyo., and her best friend made the trip together to pick up the big check. During her visit to WyoLotto’s office, Kaercher shared her story about becoming the first 2by2 winner in Wyoming.

For Kaercher, it was another beautiful day in Sheridan, Wyo., getting work done at the Big Horn Y on Long Drive. 

Normally, Kaercher said she loves to let customers know about the lottery and how to play. But for some reason, she decided she wanted to try WyoLotto’s new game, 2by2. “This was the first time I ever purchased a lottery ticket,” Kaercher said.

So she purchased a ticket for seven draws and went about her day—not thinking much of her 2by2 ticket until the next evening—when she realized, “I should go ahead and check that.” 

As each number matched, one after the other, Kaercher said she realized she hit the grand prize for $22,000. “I started jumping up and down and my mom had to tell me to calm down before the neighbors hear me,” Kaercher said.

“It was so much fun to meet Kasey and give her the first 2by2 grand prize in Wyoming. We just launched our new game on March 14 and she won on March 21. It was pretty exciting to have a winner so quickly, and we hope to see lots of winners with this game just like Kasey,” said Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO.

Kaercher said she wants to take the family out for a nice dinner to celebrate. “After that, I am going to put the rest of the money into a college savings account for my new grandson,” Kaercher said. Her grandson was born a little over three months ago.