1.Sign Your Ticket

We love our winners, and we want to make sure this process is as clear as possible. As a reminder, if you have a winning ticket, sign your ticket ASAP so that only you can claim the winnings.

2.Claim your prize

Prizes $599 and under
You can claim these prizes at any WyoLotto retailer or the Wyoming Lottery office. Players need only fill out and sign the back of the ticket and then take the ticket to a retailer or mail the ticket to the main office.

Prizes $600 and over
Prizes of $600 and more can be claimed in-person at Wyoming Lottery headquarters OR sent through the mail.

Option 1: In-person at Wyoming Lottery Headquarters

Schedule an appointment.

  • Call ahead to make an appointment (307-432-9300) so we can ensure the necessary people are available to process your prize claim.
  • Bring with you ALL of the required documents/pieces (identified below).

Option 2: By Mail

Mail ALL of the required documents/pieces together (identified below) to:

Wyoming Lottery
1620 Central Avenue, Suite 100
Cheyenne, WY 82001

3.Do the paperwork

Required documents/pieces:

  • Winner Claim Form (download link below)
  • Driver’s license or some form of state- or federally-issued ID (if submitting through the mail, you can send a copy of this ID)
  • Your social security card — it must be the actual card; you cannot provide just the number (if submitting through the mail, you can send a copy of your social security card)
  • The winning ticket — it must be the original ticket (if you are submitting through the mail, make sure to make a copy of the ticket to keep for your records) 

Download Winner Claim Form (pdf)

Who can claim it?
Prizes must be claimed by a person. A trust or entity cannot claim the prize.

What about taxes?
Due to a federal mandate, the Wyoming Lottery will automatically withhold 24% of any prizes over $5,000. However, depending on the prize amount and your tax bracket, more federal tax may be required, so winners must investigate their personal tax situation.

4.Share your story

Celebrating You

It’s important to celebrate! The lottery was brought to Wyoming for you. The more we can celebrate our winners, the more people realize that Wyoming wins (over 4 million winning tickets sold in our state). And the more players, the more Wyoming gets back!

As a winner, you have the choice on what information you want to share and how we can celebrate you. Pick and choose what you want:

  • Get a big check with your name on it (or nickname) and a photo.
  • Be featured with the other winners in a celebratory post on this website.
  • Star in a post on WyoLotto’s social media. If it’s a dealbreaker, we can remove your name from the check—or just tell an interesting story about your win.
  • Join a celebratory press event and/or be featured in a press release talking about your win!*

*WyoLotto will never give your contact information to the press or public. If you choose to go public, then any press will reach out to us and we’ll contact you to let you know they are interested. Then you, and only you, get to decide if you want to reach out to them or not.