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Cowboy Draw’s newest winner could have lost his windfall to the wind

Jim Cunkle only plays WyoLottoTM when he has a few extra dollars in his pocket. Luckily for the master HVAC mechanic from Casper, he had the money to buy a Cowboy DrawTM ticket on June 30. Those spare five dollars turned into $582,055 when his ticket was announced as the jackpot winner.

The only problem? Jim didn’t know he had won. The ticket waited patiently in his work truck – blowing around and nearly blowing away when he opened the door – until he remembered the ticket and checked his numbers. After numerous visits to the WyoLotto website, still not believing he had the winning numbers, Jim called WyoLotto’s headquarters to confirm the sudden windfall.

Jim sprung the astounding news on his wife, Terri, and together they decided to come forward to announce their good fortune.

With four daughters, one son, and 15 grandchildren, Jim and Terri have always been frugal and plan to put the money aside so they can do all the things they’ve wanted to do after retirement. After spending last weekend camping and enjoying some quiet time – when he wasn’t thinking about how to invest the couple’s jackpot – Jim plans to get up on Tuesday and go to work as usual.

Jim purchased his Cowboy Draw ticket at Max’s, located at 706 N. Center St., in Casper, Wyo., and during today’s media event, commented on the friendliness of the store’s staff.
This is the eleventh jackpot-winning ticket sold for Cowboy Draw, proving Wyoming’s own game continues to change players’ lives – just like Jim and Terri’s.

With a Cowboy Draw jackpot of $600,000, the time to play WyoLotto is now! Players can pick up tickets for all three games offered through WyoLotto, including Mega Millions, Powerball and, of course, Wyoming’s own Cowboy Draw.

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Contact: Ashley Pexton • Wyoming Lottery Corporation