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WyoLotto launches Cowboy Draw game with $10,000 “Horse” Giveaway


Cowboy Draw®, Wyoming’s new in-state lottery game kicks off on March 15 in true Western spirit with a special $10,000 giveaway contest offering fans the chance to win: a horse. That’s right, pardner. Only in Wyoming.

The Horse Giveaway contest goes live on March 15, at the same time WyoLotto® retailers start selling the first Cowboy Draw tickets. To enter the special giveaway, participants submit a photo taken of themselves with their recently purchased Cowboy Draw ticket and register on the Wyoming Lottery Facebook page or at These “selfies” may be submitted through March 29, 2015 at 2:59 a.m. Any Wyoming resident 18 years of age or over at the time of the event who resides in Wyoming can register for a chance to win. A winner will be randomly selected from among all valid entries.

The Horse Giveaway winner will in fact win $10,000, which may be spent on a horse—in true Wyoming spirit—or for anything the winner might choose to do with $10,000.

“The Horse Giveaway celebrates the March 15 launch of our first in-state game with a little Western flair and a lot of fun,” said Jon Clontz, CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. “To top off Cowboy Draw’s better odds and the jackpot starting at $250,000, maybe—just maybe—you could win the horse of your dreams.”

The new game from the Wyoming Lottery Corporation will offer the Cowboy State better odds than Powerball® and Mega Millions®, with jackpots starting at $250,000 that keep growing until someone wins. Tickets for Cowboy Draw will only be sold in Wyoming, giving Wyomingites higher chances of winning prizes. Prizes could rise to a million dollars and more!

Cowboy Draw is a draw game similar to Powerball and Mega Millions. Players choose five numbers ranging from 1 to 45. A player who correctly matches all five numbers is the jackpot winner. Players who correctly match four, three and two numbers also win cash prizes of $1,000, $20 and $5, respectively. Each $5 ticket provides two chances to win. The weekly drawings for Cowboy Draw will be held every Monday and Thursday at 2 p.m. MST. The first drawing will be held on Monday, March 23 at 2 p.m.

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