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Add a yacht to your Black Friday shopping list, Mega Millions Jackpot reaches $243 million, Cowboy Draw surpasses half a million

Black Friday is the official day that kicks off the holiday shopping season. Maybe you could add a yacht or diamonds to that shopping list. The Mega Millions® and Cowboy Draw® jackpots are still growing, and WyoLotto™ players have time to get their chance to win and dream big. Your next chance to be a Mega Millions winner will be drawn on Black Friday, November 29, and Cowboy Draw on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28. With jackpots this big, players can make their dreams a reality. So pick up your chance to win Mega Millions or Cowboy Draw, or just ask for a RoundUp and play all four WyoLotto games for only $13.

“A big jackpot during the holiday season makes playing the lottery even more fun, and is also a great stocking stuffer gift for only $3,” said Jon Clontz, CEO of Wyoming Lottery Corporation. “Players have chances to win $2, to $1 million, all the way to the big jackpot, so there are lots of ways to win that are still life changing!”

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Note to media: Omit Cowboy Draw information if the jackpot is hit on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019. Please update the Cowboy Draw jackpot amount if running the story on Friday, Nov. 29, 2019 or later by going to for the most recent jackpot amount.