The Wyoming Lottery Retailer Selection Process

February 26, 2014

Statewide Access

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation is dedicated to an open, objective and fair methodology to ensure that players have statewide access to the WyoLotto products they wish to play. To that end, the Wyoming Lottery Corporation Board of Directors and management team are currently developing a process for contracting with retailers who are interested in selling lottery products. Once the process and retailer contract are defined and approved, Lottery management will begin vetting the process and the contents of the contract with the Wyoming Lottery Corporation Board of Directors, potential retailers and other key stakeholders to ensure that the process is fair and unbiased.

Retailer Selection Criteria

Although the retailer selection process hasn’t yet been finalized, the Wyoming Lottery Corporation management team will take the following five criteria into consideration when reviewing retailer applications:

  1. Geography: There will be a specified number of retailers allowable per geographical area.
  2. Distribution SIC: Per the geographical allocation, there will be a specified number of locations by SIC (standard industry code; i.e., Multi-reg. locations, Convenience Stores, etc.) that best fit lottery industry sales.
  3. Minimum Sales Criteria / Foot Traffic: Based upon a pre-determined sales criteria by transaction count (foot traffic), the Lottery will establish a minimum sales threshold. Potential retailers of WyoLotto lottery products will be required to meet this criteria in order to be considered.
  4. First Come, First Served: As potential retail businesses submit applications, the business will be placed on a first come, first served roster. If there is a slot available (Distribution SIC) within the business’s geographical area and the business meets the minimum sales criteria, upon application approval, the retailer will be allowed to sell Lottery products.
  5. Background Investigation: Every potential retailer must pass a background check. Criteria will include: in ‘good’ state standing (no back taxes due); no gambling felonies or other criminal activities, etc.

The Wyoming Lottery Retailer Selection Process PDF