Wyoming Lottery Corporation Reveals Official Version of the WyoLotto Logo

January 30, 2014


Jon Clontz, Chief Executive Officer
Wyoming Lottery Corporation
1620 Central Ave, Suite 100 • Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-432-9300

Cheyenne, Wyoming — The Wyoming Lottery Corporation today held an open house and revealed the official version of the logo it has selected for the Wyoming Lottery.


The preliminary concept was presented at the January 16 board meeting in Casper. Like the preliminary version, the final official Wyoming Lottery logo features YoLo, the jackpot-a-lope. Created by the Cheyenne-based marketing firm, Warehouse Twenty One, the logo depicts the mythical creature that has the body of a jackrabbit and sports antlers on its head. “The designers presented several great ideas, but the Lottery board was unanimous in wanting to see the jackalope concept developed further,” said the Wyoming Lottery’s Chief Executive Officer, Jon Clontz at an Open House held at the Lottery’s headquarters in downtown Cheyenne.


Nicknamed YoLo after the combination of letters that appears in WyoLotto, the Wyoming Lottery’s brand name, the logo’s character is intended to represent the fun inherent in playing the lottery. “We’re excited about bringing YoLo to life as we move forward with the Lottery’s branding process,” Clontz said. “Whether you call him a jackalope or a jackpotalope, YoLo’s a distinctly Wyoming character that will become an instantly recognizable symbol of the Lottery.”

Upcoming Milestones

On January 24, the Wyoming Lottery selected Warehouse Twenty One to develop the website and the Lottery’s social media strategy. The firm has created a temporary web landing page that allows interested retailers, prospective players and others to sign up for news updates. Later this spring, the website will be expanded to include a place for retailers to sign-up. Finally, the fully functional, multipage WyoLotto website will go live prior to the first Powerball and Mega Millions ticket sales in Wyoming and include jackpot amounts, drawing dates, winning numbers, and much more!

Additional future milestones include a February 3 deadline for submission of proposals by vendors vying for the Lottery’s Operations and Services contract. Oral presentations for the Lottery Operations and Services Request for Proposal are scheduled for mid-February, with the selection of a vendor to be made on February 27. “Our goal”, says Clontz, “is to have a contract with the selected vendor in place by late April to early May.” The Lottery will also host an event in the spring to formally introduce the Wyoming Lottery brand to the media and the public.

“There’s still a lot to do before we start selling Powerball and Mega Millions tickets,” Clontz said. “But we’ve come a long way in a relatively short time. It’s too early to say exactly when the Lottery will go live, although we’re optimistic that we could be ready as early as mid-June. But first, we need to get our vendor contracts in place and set up a statewide network of retail ticket outlets. The important thing is to do it right.”

About the Wyoming Lottery

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation is a corporate business entity established by House Bill 77 in the 2013 legislative session and signed into law by Governor Matt Mead last March. The corporation operates as a private business and does not employ state employees or use state tax money. State law requires the first $6 million of Lottery revenue to be distributed to cities, towns and counties based on Wyoming’s sales tax formula. Any additional earnings will be deposited into the state’s Permanent Land Fund’s Common School Account.

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