These rules establish the requirements for playing Ragtime Raffle (“the Game”), a raffle lotto game operated by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation (“the Lottery” or “Wyoming Lottery”).


The Game’s purpose is to generate revenue for the Wyoming Lottery Corporation through the operation of a raffle game that will award prizes to Game Ticket holders matching specified numbers randomly-selected in scheduled Drawings.


The sale of tickets for Wyoming’s Ragtime Raffle Lottery Game will begin on June 9, 2019 and ends when 100,000 tickets containing unique six-digit numbers between 000001 through 100000 have been sold, or at 11:59 p.m. on July 27, 2019, whichever occurs first. A singular draw will occur on July 28, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. and the winner will be announced on July 28, 2019.


The following definitions apply unless the context requires a different meaning.

  1. Claim Form means the official Wyoming Lottery Corporation information form. Information required on the Claim Form includes name, address, phone number, Social Security number, drivers’ license number, US citizen or alien with Tax ID number and if claimant is an employee at a retailer. A winning ticket will not be paid to a Player unless the form is completed, signed, and presented with all required supporting documents. Supporting documents include the winning ticket, a valid government picture ID along with a Social Security Card or other approved Social Security proof as set forth in these rules.
  2. Claimant or “Winner” means any natural person or legal entity submitting a winning Game Ticket within the required prize claim period. A Claimant may be the Purchaser, the natural person or legal entity names on the back of a signed Game Ticket, the bearer of an unsigned Game Ticket, or any other natural person or legal entity who may seek entitlement to a prize payment in accordance with Wyoming’s jurisdictional laws. No Claimant may assert rights different from the rights acquired by the original purchase at the time of purchase.
  3. Drawing means the formal process of selecting winning numbers which determine the number of winners for each prize level of the game.
  4. Early Bird Drawing means the three (3) drawings that occur during the duration of the game before the Grand Prize drawing.
  5. Game Ticket or Ticket means a ticket produced by a terminal which contains the caption Ragtime Raffle, one unique six-digit number (00001 through 100000), the price of the ticket, a six-digit retailer number, and a serial number that is compatible with the Lottery’s central computer system.
  6. Grand Prize or “Jackpot” means the final prize at the end of the Raffle Game.
  7. High Tier means any prize $600 or above.
  8. Lottery means Wyoming Lottery Corporation (WLC).
  9. On-Line Gaming System means a computer wagering system or internet-based sales system used by the Lottery to issue and validate game tickets.
  10. Play means one (1) wager that contains the unique six (6) numbers from 000001 through 100000 that appear on a ticket as a single number selection for a chance to win a prize.
  11. Player or Purchaser means a natural person(s) or legal entity who buys Game Tickets in accordance with these Official Game Rules and jurisdictional laws.
  12. Promotional Prizes means the five (5) predetermined prizes for specific numbered tickets.
  13. Random Number Generator means a computer-driven electronic device capable of producing numbers at random.
  14. Retailer means a person or entity authorized by the Lottery to sell lottery tickets.
  15. Set Prize means all prizes that are advertised to be paid by a single lump sum payment.
  16. Terminal means the computer hardware by which retailers and the Wyoming Lottery can sell and validate lottery products. The terminal also can produce retailer reports and perform diagnostics.
  17. Winning Numbers means the six (6) digit number (from 000001 through 100000), randomly selected during the drawing that will be used to determine winning plays.

Game Description

  1. General Information: Wyoming’s Ragtime Raffle is a game in which a Player obtains one (1) Play per Ticket in which set prizes are paid.
  2. Purchase of Tickets: Game play shall consist of one unique six (6) digit number per ticket for $20.
    1. Eligible players request and pay for a Play from a Lottery Retailer.
    2. The retailer will then issue a ticket, via the terminal, containing the next available unique number between 000001 and 100000 which constitutes a game play.
  3. Game Purchases: Game tickets must be purchased from a Terminal operated by a Wyoming Lottery Retailer.
    1. Once printed, a Wyoming Ragtime Raffle Ticket cannot be canceled.
  4. Ticket Format: Game tickets shall include, but are not limited to, the Raffle Ticket Number, Game logo or Game name, ticket cost, Terminal number, barcode, serial number, and Drawing dates. Game tickets may also include any information required by the Wyoming Lottery for the validation of Game tickets.
  5. Player Responsibility: It is the sole responsibility of the player to verify the accuracy of the game play and other data printed on the ticket. The placing of Plays is done at the player’s own risk through the Lottery Retailer who, when entering the play or plays, is acting on behalf of the player.
  6. Determination of Winning Numbers: The winning numbers for the Ragtime Raffle game shall be determined at a drawing conducted on July 28, 2019. Winning numbers shall be selected at random with the aid of a random number generator. The Lottery Chief Executive Officer shall designate a Draw Coordinator responsible for drawing outcomes.
  7. Claim Expires in 180 Days: Claims for all prize categories, including the Grand Prize, must be submitted within one-hundred and eighty days (180) after the date of the drawing in which the prize was won. If a valid claim is not made for a cash prize within the applicable period, the cash prize shall constitute an unclaimed prize.


  1. Early Bird Drawings: There will be three (3) Early Bird Drawings. Every ticket sold up to the point of the Early Bird Drawing is entered in that drawing. Early Bird Drawings shall take place throughout the duration of the game as set forth below:
    1. Three (3) early bird drawings for $75,000 will occur at 10:00 a.m. on the following set dates:
      1. June 15, 2019, July 6, 2019 and July 14, 2019.
      2. All tickets sold by these respective dates by 9:45 a.m. will be entered into the Early Bird Drawing.
    2. Any winner of an Early Bird Drawing is not excluded from winning the Grand Prize.
  2. Promotional Prizes: There will be five (5) $5000 Promotional Prizes for the following specific ticket numbers:
    1. 010000; 020000; 040000; 060000; and 080000.
    2. A promotional trailer ticket will print immediately after each of these numbers are printed which will be used to claim the prize.
    3. Any winner of a Promotional Prize is not excluded from winning the Grand Prize.
  3. Grand Prize Drawing: Ragtime Raffle jackpot drawing shall take place on July 28, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST), or at any other time as determined by the Chief Executive Officer. The winning number will be announced on July 28, 2019.
  4. The objective of a drawing shall be to randomly select one (1) unique six (6) digit number between 000001 and 100000. Drawings will be conducted by a random number generator or other such devices as the CEO may determine.

Prize Claims

  1. General: A ticket, subject to the validation requirements, is the only proof of a game play and the submission of a winning ticket to the Lottery as required by these rules is the sole method of claiming a prize or prizes. A copy of a ticket has no monetary or prize value and does not constitute evidence of a ticket purchase. A terminal produced paper receipt has no monetary or prize value and does not constitute evidence of a ticket purchase.
    1. A High Tier winner is required to fill out a Lottery Claim Form and provide proper documentation.
    2. The documentation must be a valid government picture ID along with a Social Security Card. A Social Security Card may be substituted with a Government issued ID with the winner’s Social Security Number on it (i.e. US Military ID). A filed and signed US tax form with the winner’s Social Security Number may be used in place of the Social Security card.
    3. A promotional trailer ticket accompanied with the original numbered ticket will be required when submitting the claim for the five (5) $5000 promotional prizes.
    4. All prizes for Ragtime Raffle will be high tier prizes.
  2. Prize Pool: At least fifty percent (50%) of all gross sales revenues shall be reserved for prizes and shall be allocated to the prize categories as set forth below.
  3. Expected Prize Payout Percentages: All prizes awarded shall be paid as set lump sum prizes with the following expected prize payout percentages:
  4. The following table sets forth the probability of winning and the probable distribution of winners in and among each prize category:
    1. The Lottery terminal is the only official source for winning numbers
Price per Play Card $20
Number of Boards per Play Card 1
Prize Payout 50.00%
Pool Size 100,000
Number of Nonwinning Play Cards 99,991
Low Tier Prize Maximum $5,000
Mid Tier Prize Maximum $100,000


Prize Level Expected Number of Winners/Grid Total Prize Prize Percentage Payout Percentage Percent Low Tiers Percent Mid Tiers Percent High Tiers
Grand Prize 1 $750,000 75.00% 37.50% 75.00%
Draw 1: 6/15/2019 1 $75,000 7.50% 3.75% 7.50%
Draw 2: 7/06/2019 1 $75,000 7.50% 3.75% 7.50%
Draw 3: 7/14/2019 1 $75,000 7.50% 3.75% 7.50%
Promotional Prizes 5 $25,000 2.50% 1.25% 2.50%
Total 9.00 1,000,000.00 100.00% 50.00% 2.50% 22.50% 75.00%

Odds are dependent on the total number of tickets sold at the time of each drawing.

Prize Payments

  1. Payment Type: Set prizes shall be paid by a single lump sum payment.
    1. Prizes are not transferable and non-refundable.
    2. Applicable state and federal income taxes on a prize are the sole responsibility of the prizewinner.
  2. When paying a cash prize in excess of $600 at the Lottery office, the Lottery shall pay any monies due subject to the Wyoming Statute 9-17-119.

Ticket Validation

  1. Validation Requirements: To be valid and eligible to receive a prize, a Ragtime Raffle ticket shall satisfy all the requirements established by the Lottery for validation of winning tickets sold through its central computer system. When a winning ticket is submitted to the Lottery for validation along with the Lottery’s completed claim form, and the Lottery has initiated the validation procedures, the Lottery retains possession of the winning ticket and claim form.
  2. Ragtime Raffle Ticket Required: Under no circumstances will a claim be paid for either the Jackpot Prize or a lower tier set prize without an official Ragtime Raffle ticket matching all game play, serial number, and other validation data residing in the Lottery’s gaming system computer, and such ticket shall be the only valid proof of the wager placed and the only valid receipt for claiming or redeeming such prize.
    1. A promotional trailer ticket accompanied with the original numbered ticket will be required when submitting the claim for the five (5) $5000 promotional prizes.
  3. Additional Validation Requirements: In addition to the validation requirements set forth in section (1) of this rule, in order to be deemed valid, a winning Ragtime Raffle ticket must meet all of the following conditions:
    1. The validation data must be present in its entirety and must correspond, using the computer validation file, to the number selections printed on the ticket for the drawing date(s);
    2. The ticket must be intact;
    3. The ticket must not be mutilated, altered, reconstituted, or tampered with in any manner;
    4. The ticket must not be counterfeit or an exact duplicate of another winning ticket;
    5. The ticket must have been issued by a Lottery Retailer authorized to sell Ragtime Raffle tickets on official paper stock of the Lottery;
    6. The ticket must not have been stolen, to the knowledge of the Lottery;
    7. The ticket must be submitted for payment in accordance with these rules;
    8. The ticket data must have been recorded on the Lottery’s central computer system prior to the drawing and the ticket data must match this computer record in every respect. In the event of a contradiction between information as printed on the ticket and as accepted by the Lottery’s central computer, the wager accepted by the Lottery’s central computer shall be the valid wager;
    9. The player numbers selection or computer number selections, validation data, and the drawing date(s) of an apparent winning ticket must appear on the official file of winning tickets, and a ticket with that exact data must not have been previously paid;
    10. The ticket must not be mis-registered, defectively printed, or printed or produced in error to an extent that it cannot be validated by the Lottery;
    11. In submitting a Ragtime Raffle ticket for validation, the claimant agrees to abide by applicable laws, all rules and regulations, instructions, conditions, and final decisions of the Chief Executive Officer of the Wyoming Lottery;
    12. There must not be any other breach of these Ragtime Raffle Rules in relation to the ticket, which, in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer of the Wyoming Lottery, justifies invalidation;
    13. In accordance with Wyoming Statutes and the Wyoming Lottery Corporation rules and policies, the player presenting the winning ticket must be eligible to win a lottery prize; and,
    14. The ticket must be submitted to the Wyoming Lottery Corporation office for validation.

Ticket Responsibility

  1. General: Until such time as a signature is placed in the area designated for signature, a ticket is owned by the bearer of the ticket. The Wyoming Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Ineligible Players

  1. General: A Ragtime Raffle game ticket may not be purchased by and a prize may not be won by any such ticket or share shall not be paid to:
    1. A person who is under the age of eighteen (18).
    2. A member of the Wyoming Lottery Board of Directors, the CEO, or any employee of the Lottery;
    3. A MUSL employee, officer, or director;
    4. A contractor or consultant under agreement with the MUSL to review the MUSL audit and security procedures;
    5. An employee of an independent accounting firm under contract with MUSL to observe Drawings or site operations and actually assigned to the MUSL account and all partners, shareholders, or owners in the local office of the firm;
    6. An employee of the Wyoming Lottery’s on-line vendor;
    7. An employee of the Wyoming Lottery’s advertising or public relations provider; or
    8. An immediate family member (parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, spouse, or sibling) of an individual described in subsections (a) through (f) of this section and residing in the same household.
  2. Local Lottery Restrictions: Those persons designated by Wyoming Lottery Act or the Wyoming Lottery Corporation as ineligible to play its games shall also be ineligible to play Ragtime Raffle.

Applicable Law

  1. General: In purchasing a ticket, the purchaser agrees to comply with and abide by all applicable laws, the Wyoming Lottery Act, rules, regulations, procedures, and decisions of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.