Bi-Annual Tracker Study | 2015



  • Data was collected via an online survey. Participants were recruited from individuals who had signed up to receive further information from the Wyoming Lottery.
  • An invitation to participate was sent on December 9, 2014 as well as a link being placed on the Wyoming Lottery Website.
    • Survey was available to participants through December 31, 2014.
    • To qualify participants had to indicate they had purchased a lottery ticket/product since August 24, 2014 and be at least 18 years of age.


  • More than 62% of participants indicated an average household income above $50,000 with a modal answer of $50K to $74K.
  • Of the 1,315 respondents, 551 graduated high school while another 396 went on to college.  Some of those not only graduated college but obtained their graduate degrees.

Key Findings

Participants are actively engaged with the Wyoming Lottery.  Almost 1,300 people indicated they have purchased a Wyoming Lottery product during its first five months of operation and they are spending the majority of their Lottery budget in Wyoming. Wyoming Lottery still faces considerable competition from other state lotteries.

1,269 individuals indicated they have spent almost 41% of their total Lottery expenditures since the Wyoming Lottery began sales on products from other states.

  • This includes more than 21% who buy Powerball or Mega Millions
  • This includes more than 13% who buy Scratchers
  • The overwhelming majority of participants visit the Wyoming Lottery Website to find out the winning numbers.
  • When asked how the Lottery can improve, some respondents replied:  Allow for Debit Card Purchases

Only 1/3 of Lottery Customers wager on other activities but the spend is significant. While just under 33% of Lottery customers have also played at a casino, OTB or played slots at an OTB this accounts for 43% of the total wagering spend of all participants. In particular casinos generate a much higher spend per person compared to Lottery purchases.

Participants were given an additional opportunity to provide information to the Wyoming Lottery and the most frequently mentioned messages were:

  • Add Scratch Tickets
  • Thank You