Cowboy Draw® player wins $794,109—said he ‘knew’ it

November 10, 2021

Who would have thought that just by saying you will win the lottery, that you actually will? Well, Sergio Saenz thought it, and he was right.

Saenz and his wife, Griselda, just hit the jackpot on Wyoming’s own game, Cowboy Draw, and took home $794,109. The lucky couple was driving through Alpine, Wyo., after a long day of working, and stopped at KJ’s Alpine store on Oct. 28.

“I told my wife that we need to go in the store and buy some lottery tickets, because I knew we were going to win and be able to buy our dream home with that ticket,” he said.

He was right. Griselda added, “I had to listen to him. He said that we were going to win with so much confidence that I believed him,so I went into the store and bought the tickets.”

Just a couple days after purchasing their tickets, Saenz and his wife were discussing trying to purchase a new home, and he told her, “We will be buying that home with the ticket in my wallet.”

That evening, Saenz checked the numbers on the WyoLotto website. He said he couldn’t believe what he saw. “I checked it again, and again, and again!” he said.

After checking the ticket numerous times, Saenz called his son, Sergio Saenz Jr., and told him to come over right away. Saenz Jr. said he had just sat down to eat dinner, but his dad sounded so serious that he left his food and drove over to his parents house as fast as he could.

“He seemed so serious, I thought something must be going on. When I got there, he made me check the ticket, and it was a winner!” Saenz Jr. said.

Griselda added that her husband is well-known in the family for his luck. Just a year ago he won a new car in a raffle drawing.

“He just wins, he is the luckiest guy,” she said.

The couple said they are definitely buying their dream home right in Pinedale, Wyo., where they live now, and they will also focus on taking care of their three children, Sergio Jr., Jasmine and Abigail.

“These winners really deserve the life-changing moment they are getting. They represent what the lottery is all about—having fun and changing lives. Add to it that we get to give money back to the state treasury at the same time, and I would say we are achieving our goals for Wyoming!” said Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO.