WyoLotto remembers board member Brian Scott Gamroth

September 19, 2016

brianscottgamrothThe Wyoming Lottery is deeply saddened by the loss of board member and friend Brian Scott Gamroth, who died in a motorcycle crash on Sunday.

Brian was appointed by Governor Matt Mead to the Wyoming Lottery Commission on July 1, 2013 as the founding chairman of the board prior to the beginning of the organization.

As chairman of the board, Brian deftly led WyoLotto through its first three years and was integral to the organization’s planning, hiring, marketing, launch, and revenue flow processes. Never afraid to roll up his sleeves, Brian devoted a substantial amount of his personal time and attention to projects that benefited his community and the state of Wyoming. (more…)

Board Meeting on September 20, 2016

September 6, 2016

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation is scheduled to hold a Quarterly Board Meeting on September 20, 2016. The anticipated public hearing will be held at 10:00 AM in Cody, WY & via teleconference. For more information, contact the Wyoming Lottery Corporation Office at (307) 432-9300.

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WyoLotto celebrates second anniversary Aug. 24

August 24, 2016

Exactly two years ago on Aug. 24, 2014, Wyoming celebrated the sale of the first lottery ticket in the Cowboy State. Today, WyoLottoTM celebrates this landmark along with other milestones since the introduction of the first in-state lottery.

After two years of success, CEO Jon Clontz said, “We are proud to have accomplished so much in such a short time, beginning with the addition of two draw games and continuing with the launch of Cowboy DrawTM. And now, we’re preparing to offer another brand-new game for our players.”

Lottery ticket sales became legal when the Wyoming State Legislature passed a bill in 2013, but the Wyoming Lottery Corporation would first need to secure a start up loan, hire staff, and create infrastructure to establish the corporation and begin to sell tickets.

“Our $2.6 million loan allowed the lottery to start up the corporation. We began with Powerball and Mega Millions, then we added Wyoming’s own game, Cowboy Draw, in 2015,” Clontz added.

Through the success and support of Wyoming players and retailers, WyoLotto paid off its start up loan early, and in 2016 began making revenue transfers to the Wyoming State Treasurer.

In addition to recent achievements, Clontz emphasized what has been a key piece to success. “Beyond the sales and milestones, and after two years of ticket sales, we have been able to keep Wyoming players’ dollars in Wyoming, spent at Wyoming retailers.”

Clontz explained that the loan payoff and the two revenue transfers already made to the state happened faster than originally expected, largely due to increased ticket sales from the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot and last year’s launch of the popular Cowboy DrawTM game, which offers better odds and more winners.

“Proudly, we are now another revenue stream for cities, towns, counties, and education,” said Mark Macy, WyoLotto Board Chairman.

Because of these increased ticket sales, the lottery has transferred more than $2 million so far to the state, which the Wyoming Treasurer’s Office distributes to the 99 cities and towns and 23 counties, according to a formula in the state statute. The first transfer in April was $1.12 million and the second in July was $915,000. Revenue transfers are made each quarter, up to a maximum of $6 million per year. Any revenues exceeding that will then go to the Wyoming Permanent Land Fund’s Common School Account.

“To continue to grow, we must expand the lottery’s player base and add new games, something we are preparing to do later this year with the addition of Lucky for Life,” Clontz said.

To date, more than 1.5 million WyoLotto players have won $23.6 million. The first WyoLotto-only game, Cowboy Draw, increased player excitement and has already presented jackpots to nine players since its launch in March 2015.

Macy emphasized that keeping lottery players in Wyoming keeps revenue here. “Research shows that players usually purchase other products when they go in to buy lottery tickets in store.”

Clontz added, “WyoLotto is a Wyoming brand and is very proud to be a part of Wyoming’s unique culture. We are working hard to continue to contribute to the state’s economy.”

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Contact: Ashley Pexton • Wyoming Lottery Corporation
Phone: 307-459-0580 ashley@warehousetwentyone.com

Two big winners in one day for WyoLotto

August 18, 2016

WyoLottoTM celebrated two winners at their Cheyenne headquarters on August 15. The Lottery welcomed a $100,000 Powerball winner and a $25,000 Mega Millions winner both on a sunny Monday morning.

“We love our winners, and it made our day that much more special to have two big winners in our offices at the same time on a Monday morning,” said Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO.

Jerry and Kathie Anderson from Gillette, winners of the $100,000 jackpot, purchased tickets for all three games and learned they had a winning Powerball ticket after the Aug. 13 drawing. The ticket was sold by the Loaf n’ Jug on 2800 South Hwy. 59 in Gillette, Wyo. The Andersons are frequent players of WyoLotto and always play quick-picks.

“We tried using numbers we picked, but that didn’t work, so quick pick is how we pick our numbers now,” Kathie said.

The Andersons added that they want to pay off some bills, and Kathie wants to buy a new car. Jerry said, “Kathie has always believed that we would win someday, and she could always picture us holding a big check. And when I found out we won, I was so excited I couldn’t quit shaking.”

The other winner of the day, Brian Payne, who nabbed up a $25,000 prize, purchased his Mega Millions ticket on July 19. Payne said he didn’t realize his good fortune until he checked his ticket at a WyoLotto retailer location sometime later. A resident of Evanston, Wyo., Brian purchased his ticket at Yellow Creek Liquor on 111 North 3rd, in Evanston.

“The timing couldn’t be better for this money. Between injuries and surgeries, I will be able to take care of some of my finances and my daughter has been wanting a bigger fish tank,” Payne said. Payne’s daughter is entering the 7th grade, is on the honor roll, and plays competitive softball in Evanston.

Payne added that he couldn’t believe the ticket sat on his kitchen counter for a couple of weeks, and was there because he thought he had only won a few dollars that he would later use to buy more tickets. He added, “A few dollars on lottery tickets allows me a few hours before draw time to dream about what it would be like to win.”

“Looks like his dream came true!” Clontz said.

WyoLotto players continue to win, with more than $23.6 million in prizes for Wyoming players. WyoLotto reminds players to pick up tickets for all three games, including Cowboy DrawTM, as the jackpot climbs to $670,000. Cowboy Draw tickets are sold only in Wyoming, giving WyoLotto players higher chances of winning prizes.

To receive updates and notifications about the WyoLotto games, visit wyolotto.com/sign-up/.

Photo 1, Caption: Jerry (left) and Kathie Anderson take home a big check for $100,000.

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Photo 2, Caption: Justin Ballard (left), WyoLotto CFO, presents a check for $25,000 to Brian Payne (right) and his daughter Amelia on Aug. 15. Download high-resolution print version.

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Contact: Ashley Pexton • Wyoming Lottery Corporation
Phone: 307-459-0580 • ashley@warehousetwentyone.com

Cowboy Draw’s newest winner could have lost his windfall to the wind

August 9, 2016

Jim Cunkle only plays WyoLottoTM when he has a few extra dollars in his pocket. Luckily for the master HVAC mechanic from Casper, he had the money to buy a Cowboy DrawTM ticket on June 30. Those spare five dollars turned into $582,055 when his ticket was announced as the jackpot winner. (more…)

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