Giving back

An established Wyoming organization

The Wyoming Lottery is a Wyoming brand, born and raised in the Cowboy State. Beginning with the sale of our first ticket, we’ve aspired to bring the fun and excitement of WyoLotto to players across Wyoming and throughout the region.

We launched WyoLotto in August 2014, and in March 2015, we reached another milestone with the introduction of Cowboy Draw, Wyoming’s own game featuring tickets that are sold only in our state. With over one million Wyoming winners and more than 13 million dollars won by WyoLotto players, what began as a startup has become an established Wyoming organization.

Giving back to the communities that have supported us

With the support of WyoLotto players and the success of our games, we were able to pay off our loan early, and in turn, reach another goal. In April 2016, we made our first revenue payment of one million dollars to the state and began giving back to the Wyoming communities who have supported us from the start.

How it works

We will make a payment to the state every financial quarter, with the amount dependent on revenue, up to six million dollars per year. The funds will be directed to the State Treasurer’s office, to then be distributed to Wyoming’s 99 cities and towns and 23 counties. Revenue exceeding six million dollars will go to the Wyoming Permanent Land Fund’s Common School Account.


We’ve achieved a great deal in a short time due to the support of players, retailers, board members, staff, legislators, and the state of Wyoming. Giving back to our state and its people is the beginning of a new chapter in the WyoLotto success story.